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Columbia Basin College Living Expenses and How They Compare?

Make the very best college decision for yourself by taking the true cost of college into account. Start by understanding just how much you will pay per year for room, board, and other living expenses.

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CBC Living Expenses

Columbia Basin College students paid $6,264 for housing in 2020, but CBC does not offer meal plans.

Discover Columbia Basin College costs for both on-campus and off-campus housing and other charges in the table below.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $9,920 $9,975
— Housing       $6,264
Other Living Expenses $2,280 $3,400
Books and Supplies $840 $840
Total $13,040 $14,215

Will You Spend 4 Years in the Dorms? Expected Cost is $53,784

For the past five years, CBC housing and dining costs have adjusted 0.8% on average each year, compared to a nationwide average change of 2.4%. Incoming first year students in 2021 should expect to pay roughly $13,199 for housing and dining expenses according to existing movements. In their closing year a student would spend around $13,361 for a two-year degree, and $13,696 for a four-year degree.

Total room and board costs over four years will be somewhere around $53,784; for two years it would be about $26,560.


* estimated

Details on Your Campus Home

Are you wondering whether you may be required to live on campus? If you are a first-time full-time student, some schools may require it. See the table below to find out whether CBC does or not, as well as the on-campus housing capacity.

Question Answer
Are Freshmen Required to Live on Campus? No
On-Campus Housing Capacity 126

Unable to Determine On-Campus Costs

Room and board at CBC in comparison to usual costs wasn't readily available. This could be due to the fact most students enrolled here are online students.


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