Mechanic & Repair Tech (Other)
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Mechanic & Repair Tech (Other) Overview

The field of mechanic and repair technologies\technicians can encompass several careers besides just auto mechanic. For example, while auto mechanics focus on the physical, mechanical side of automotive repair and maintenance, automotive technicians tend to focus on the technical aspects of the items they are maintaining. For example, they may be responsible for troubleshooting and repairing an automotive computer system.

Similar to auto mechanics, auto technicians will require a high school diploma and most likely a certification from ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence). ASE certificates are broken into multiple series from automobile and light truck to heavy trucks, collision and alternative fuels.

Note that some automotive shops will only hire candidates with their ASE certifications in hand, while others may pay for you to attend and obtain your certificate. Auto shops run by the main manufacturers will certainly require ASE certification and may go a step further and require you to have an associate degree, especially if you wish to advance further than the shop technician position.

Required Skills

Technicians need to have a high school diploma and as mentioned above, will also need to pursue additional training and education to advance further in their career.

As with certified mechanics, technicians need to have a good technical aptitude in order to troubleshoot issues and to pinpoint possible areas that need repair or maintenance. Issues may not always have a visible sign so technicians need to be able to troubleshoot issues like this. They must also have good attention to detail and dexterity as they may be working in small confined spaces.


While the focus here has been on automotive technicians, other technician careers exist; however they typically have similar responsibilities even within different industries. Technicians earn on average about $38,000 per year but will depend on the industry and years of experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, service technicians will see growth on par with most other positions - about 6% over the next ten years.

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