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Accounting & Computer Science Overview

Combining the subjects of Accounting and Computer Science is a natural fit that appeals to students who love working with numbers and technology. Be prepared to push traditional academic boundaries by intertwining the two different disciplines, increasing your analytical and practical skills.

Accounting involves learning about financial performance and risks by gathering, recording, analyzing, and interpreting information. Computer science involves the use of advanced mathematics to create and develop computer programs and software. Students will need to use knowledge from both fields to help them advance. This multidisciplinary major allows you to gain a unique perspective and deep understanding of the subjects.

Some of the classes you will take will include: accounting, auditing, business law, artificial intelligence, software engineering, introduction to program design, accounting information systems, and theory of formal language.

Required Skills

Accounting and Computer Science is a challenging major that requires well-developed math skills. Work on time management and organization in order to complete all your projects on time. You will learn to solve difficult algorithms and code software programs. This precise and detailed orientated work requires analytical thinking as well as the ability to grasp abstract concepts.

Your coursework will require independent research and study as well as occasional group projects. Build your teamwork skills and learn to work with your peers to solve problems. Students will need to develop advanced communication skills in order to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. Creativity and imagination will help you find new methods to solve problems.


Students who choose multidisciplinary majors, like Accounting and Computer Science, often do so in order to widen their career options. Graduates form this program will have the option to work in accounting, computer programming, software development or some sort of combination. In order to become an accountant, you will need to take the CPA Exam as well as get your master's degree. Some Computer Science occupations will also require further schooling. Some of the many careers you could enter into include: budget analyst, financial clerk, government accountant, management accountant, public accountant, computer information systems manager, and software developer. This degree allows for a lot of job flexibility as you are knowledgeable in two fields.

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