Biopsychology Overview

This multidisciplinary major will create a strong link between biology and psychology, allowing you to study how the brain and central nervous system relate to human behavior. You will learn about neural mechanisms of behavior, cognition and the evolution of the nervous system.

This major is perfect for students who are interested in the physical side of Psychology. By combining the study of biology and psychology, you learn about the relationship between our biological make up and how we think, feel and act. This is a fascinating subject that will give you the knowledge needed to improve people's lives by treating mental illness, addiction and a variety of other psychological and physical problems.

Courses in this major include: Biology, Neurobiology, Behavior, Brain and Behavior, Statistics, Genetics, Cells and Organisms, Physiological Psychology, and Evolution.

Required Skills

Students will work both independently, and with groups in order to complete projects. Work on your communication skills in order to learn from your peers and professors, as well as articulate your own ideas. Your classes will involve lab work, as well as research and writing papers. You will develop hypothesis, experiment, and research data and document your work through lab reports. Critical reading will be necessary in order to understand the difficult terminology that you will read about in your coursework.

Students should work to grasp broad concepts and integrate the information between the two subjects. You may wish to pursue an internship or gain work experience in your area of interest. Because this is a broad major, students could be interested in many different types of work.


A Biopsychology degree will prepare you to work in many different fields. Graduates often find work as researchers or lab technicians for pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical companies. You could also find work in a public health organization or go into the field of education. Some students may wish to continue their education in order to become a licensed psychologist, psychiatrists or Medical Doctor.

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