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Computational Science Overview

Computational Science is an interdisciplinary subject that is heavily based around mathematical concepts to solve complex science and engineering problems. This major is constantly changing and developing as technology advances. Students learn how to create mathematical models and perform quantitative analysis on computers to solve and analyze scientific problems.

This major is heavy in mathematics, and also introduces students to the theories and techniques of computation, scientific visualization, grid analysis, and high performance parallel computing. Along with these classes, students will also learn management and leadership skills.

Classes you get expect to take include: engineering, management, computer science, statistics, linear algebra, physics, systems design, mathematics for computer science, and software engineering.

Some concentrations available in this major are Computational Science and Human Computer Interaction. Students may also decide to specialize in basic science or engineering.

Required Skills

Students should be confident in their math skills. You will be using math in nearly every class. This is a broad major that requires students to make connections between many different disciplines with separate theories and formulas. Students should also enjoy working with computers and technology.

Patience, attention to detail and critical analysis will help you solve complex and tedious problems. This major is well suited to logical students who enjoy problem solving. You will be required to use your reasoning skills to analyze information and notice small mistakes. Strong communication skills will also lead you to success as you work on team or explain your findings in writing.


A degree in Computational Science will provide you with skill sets that will allow you to enter many different career paths. Many employers are searching for workers with advanced math and computer skills. Graduates could find work engineering aircrafts or aerospace structures. Computing is also needed in biology, for gene sequencing and biostatistics. Students can also work as computer developers or software programmers. Determine what interests you most and follow your passion to lead you to a fulfilling career.

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Computer Occupations, All Other
Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other
Natural Sciences Managers
Postsecondary Teachers, All Other
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