Cultural Studies & Analysis
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Cultural Studies & Analysis Overview

As a Cultural Studies and Analysis major, you will immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary program analyzing and critiquing all aspects of culture. Your professors will teach you how to think critically while examining values, ideas, belief systems, and expression of culture. Part of the study involves examining the relationship between everyday life and cultural forms as well as analyzing and critiquing culture through different theories.

Classes you can expect to see in this major include: literary studies, philosophy, art, history, political economy, sociology, gender theory, anthropology, and semiotics.

Required Skills

This major requires an open mind as you examine and interact with various cultures and perspectives. Be prepared to perform a variety of tasks that enable you to understand different cultures better. This includes analyzing and exploring different concepts of culture, as well as how societal norms and personal identity are constructed. Class participation will require you to defend your position in discussions and debates.

This major involves a lot of research, writing and presentations. Develop your speaking skills in order to be able to clearly present your ideas. Flexibility, curiosity and innovation will help you come up with new ideas and solutions to cultural issues.

Take advantage of any opportunities to study abroad while in college. This will open up your eyes to a host of new experiences as you learn about a culture first-hand.


Cultural Studies and Analysis graduates are multi-faceted individuals with strong critical thinking and analytical skills. They are well prepared to pursue a wide variety of careers. Some examples are a documentary filmmaker, cultural researcher, program manager or museum administrator. Graduates also find work in community outreach, public programs or education. Cultural Studies and Analysis is also a great stepping stone for those who wish to further their academic career with an advanced degree in the humanities, social sciences, law or art.

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