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Historic Preservation Overview

Are you fascinated by old buildings? Do you enjoy spending free time touring old properties and houses? A Historic Preservation degree will allow you learn how to protect and restore these beautiful historic buildings and areas.

Major in Historic Preservation in order to learn the practical and theoretical aspects that allow workers to preserve historical sites. This major involves more than simply history and art appreciation. Students will learn economics, real estate development, preservation planning and the laws that surround it. You will have the opportunity to visit structures and research them in order to collect and analyze information.

Some of the classes you will take in a Historic Preservation major include: preservation planning and law, American architecture, historic preservation law, architectural conservation, perspectives on preservation, design, real estate, public relations and policy.

You may have the opportunity to choose a concentration. Several worth mentioning are Historic Preservation and Conservation, and Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis.

Required Skills

A passion for history and architecture will lead you to success in this field. Art and architecture require an eye for detail. Research skills will be necessary as you dive into historical data and learn about the culture. Working with people should be natural to you as you help build historical appreciation in your local community.

Critical thinking, writing and research skills are necessary to complete your projects and write reports and papers. You will need to collect data and analyze how buildings reflect on the time period. Memorization will also be helpful as you learn about different places, names, and designs. Strong math and organization skills will lead you to success in both architecture and economics.

You may have the opportunity to study abroad. This will give you the chance to see historical areas and structures of a particular culture. Take advantage of any internship or work opportunities in a historic center, architecture firm or museum.


A Historic Preservation Degree will allow you take many different career paths. You could become a curator, a historian, a preservation researcher or a conservationist. You could also work for a museum as an exhibition designer or a technician. Grads also find work as historic interior designers, site managers, or building consultants. Working for communities and private organizations to restore and maintain historical sites could be another career path for you.

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