Maritime Studies Overview

Explore a powerful force that covers two thirds of the earth: the ocean. A Maritime Studies major studies the science, history, and literature of the ocean in a variety of different disciplines.

This is a rigorous major in the field of liberal arts. You will study history, English, literature, political science, geography, and economics as well as the social sciences and humanities. These courses examine traditions and cultural connections to the ocean. Students also explore environmental issues and problems, such as security, policy, and laws. This prepares students for a variety of maritime careers.

Required Skills

Students should be passionate about the ocean and everything that surrounds it. Critical thinking skills are necessary as you dive into maritime literature and history. Students will need to read and analyze scholarly texts, books and primary sources to complete research papers and reports. The history that surrounds the ocean is vast; you will discover and explore thousands of years of literature from different opinions and perspectives.

Maritime Studies also involves the practical study of politics and oceanography. Problem solving skills will help you practice working with law makers and laws. Learn to clearly explain ideas and perspectives about security issues, policies and pollution. Students will practice applying abstract theory to real-life scenarios in order to prepare for a career in the maritime field.


This is an extremely diverse field that will allow you to enter many different occupations, depending on your unique interests. Your skills will allow you to work as a marina manager, aquaculture technician, conservation and resource manager, or environmental policy analyst. Graduates also find work as teachers, journalists, or documentary film makers. Other career paths include underwater archeology, coastal town planning, or non-profit development officer.

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