Medieval Studies Overview

Medieval Studies is an incredible major that allows you study history, art, music, archeology, politics, and literature of the Mediterranean and Europe through the 4th to the 17th century. This major will allow you to gain a broad knowledge base to how the modern world originated. Some of the world's most beautiful artwork and incredible literature originated during this time, as well as systems and structures that helped us create today's legal system and political offices.

Some of the courses you will encounter include: history of medieval Europe, manuscript studies, art history, Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, literature of the Middle Ages, early Christian and Byzantine art, medieval and renaissance prose fiction, Dante and medieval theology, medieval philosophy, Latin of the middle ages, and medieval art.

Required Skills

This is a broad major that requires students to stretch themselves mentally. You will examine culture, study art work and architecture, and explore and analyze the literature and philosophy of the time period. You will spend a lot of time in the library reading, writing, and researching. Students with a natural curiosity for this time period will enjoy unraveling mysterious about the sometimes shrouded historical era.

This major will develop your critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills as you connect ideas from various subjects. At that time, livelihoods were more connected, for example theologians were also scientists. A fascination with history and passion for uncovering the past will be your key to your success.


Students who major in Medieval Studies receive a broad education that prepares them for a variety of careers. Graduates have developed excellent critical thinking and analytical skills that many employers find desirable. Some graduates work with artifacts or become a museum director or curator. You would also be prepared to become an archivist or a historian. Those interested in education could easily become history teachers or continue their education to become a college professor. Some grads also go into law, politics, research, writing or government work.

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