Multicultural & Diversity Studies
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Multicultural & Diversity Studies Overview

Multicultural and Diversity Studies is multidisciplinary field that is great for a student with an open mind. This flexible major allows you to better understand how different cultures interact to shape the identity of a people group. Students will learn how to a socially responsible citizen in an increasingly global environment. Your studies will promote tolerance and accepting of diverse ethnicities and culture.

The classes you take are as diverse as the groups you are learning about. They include: sociology, psychology, anthropology, conflict resolution, human services and resources, history, political science, English, philosophy, and management.

Required Skills

Be ready to push the limits of your comfort zone as you seek to understand many different cultures from a variety of perspectives, as well as spend time examining your own culture. It will be up to you integrate various theoretical perspectives in your interdisciplinary subjects. Analytical skills are necessary to examine assumptions and stereotypes.

A large part of the major is determining if educational and political policies aid or hinder diversity. Students will learn to put theory into practice and learn from others opinions and experience. Listening to advice from others will allow you to gain a much deeper understanding of multiculturalism. This is a great major for students who love to interact with a wide variety of people.

You may have the opportunity to study abroad or complete an internship during your studies. Take advantage of any opportunity to broaden your horizons and give you experience working with diverse populations.


The workforce today is made up of people from many backgrounds and ethnicities. Employers look for those who can easily transition to a job working with or serving a diverse population. A degree in Multicultural and Diversity Studies makes you very attractive to employers who value diversity. Graduates find work in a number of professions such as social work, community activism, law, education, counseling, and human resources.

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Area, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies Teachers, Postsecondary
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