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Science, Technology & Society Overview

Students who major in Science, Technology, and Society examine the relationship between science and society. This involves the history of science and technology within social contexts, as well as examining ethical questions created by scientific innovations.

This is a dynamic multidisciplinary major that explores social and cultural changes from the development of science and technology. Students will gain a strong understanding of the technical and social dimensions within science and technology. Some of the courses you will take include: computer science, technology, engineering, journalism, government, history, political science, sociology, and psychology.

Required Skills

This is an ideal major for a student who is curious about human behavior and society. You will gain analytical and critical thinking skills as you research complex issues. Be prepared to clearly develop your ideas in writing and master difficulty terminology. Some of your studies will involve art and literature as well as science and technology; you will need to be able to make connections between seemingly unrelated subjects.

This is a challenging, but engaging major. Teamwork will be necessary as you collaborate with lab partners and develop group presentations. Listen and learn from other people's perspectives as you work. Time management skills will help you organize your coursework and complete readings, assignments, lab work, and research papers.


A degree in Science, Technology, and Society is excellent training for many different occupations. You will be able to translate your skills to business, law, public service, engineering, medicine, government, journalism, research, management, and education. Your dream degree may require you to continue your schooling and you will be prepared to enter almost any graduate program. Because this major is so broad, take some time while still in explore to explore various career options that you are interested in.

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