Systems Theory Overview

Systems Theory is an interdisciplinary major using information from many different subjects. Students will learn to apply a variety of theories to solve complex and intricate problems. This major will open your mind to multiple perspectives as you take classes in the natural and social sciences, technology, human behavior and history.

Successful students will have the ability to make connections between vast amounts of data. You will survey and analyze complex problems and use different data and models to find solutions. You will analyze small amounts of data in order to pull them together to create the big picture. You will be creating systems for almost any topic, from the digestive system to political systems.

Required Skills

Creativity is very important in this major. You will be exploring many different ideas and methods. As an interdisciplinary subject, you need to understand a wide variety of subjects and be able to apply what you learn to different systems. As an integrative thinker you should constantly want more knowledge to help you advance your ideas. Interacting with your work and analyzing the results will help you gain the critical problem solving skills you will need to succeed.

It is important that you are able to work well with others. You will be working in teams to complete large projects. Be open to ideas from peers; collaborating with others will lead to your success. It will also allow you to more easily take the theories you learn in class and put them into practice.


A major in Systems Theory can lead to careers in a variety of industries. Employers will appreciate your broad education and ability to synthesize information. Graduates find work in systems psychology, systems engineering, or systems dynamics. You could also work in software, information technology or sociology.

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