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In some form or another, baseball has been played and enjoyed in the States since the 1800s. No wonder it is known as our National Pastime! The college baseball season generally starts in February or March and ends in May or June. Tryouts may be held in the fall, and training will usually occur throughout the winter semester. Many college rosters have more than 30 players on their teams.

Thinking about playing college ball? Find a college that excels both in sports and academics. Check the timing for tryouts for each college, as well as their playing schedule to make sure it doesn't conflict with academic pursuits, or any other extracurricular activities in which you plan to participate. The time commitment and scheduling may also differ depending on what division you play in. Division I teams are often found in larger schools that have bigger sports budgets. DII teams are often found in smaller public colleges or private schools, and DIII teams are found in schools that do not offer athletic scholarships, but may have academic scholarships and other financial aid available to student-athletes. Any division can be right for you depending on your abilities, interests and long-term goals.

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