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Classical & Ancient Studies Overview

Dive deep into history with a major in Classical and Ancient Studies. Explore past languages, history, art, and religion as you study both Western and non-Western cultures. Your coursework will involve decoding writing, looking at archaeology, and analyzing population changes. Some of the classes you will take include: archeology, ancient languages, history, art history, geography, religious studies, population studies, and environmental studies.

Some colleges have the opportunity to choose a concentration in the major. These include subjects like Ancient Civilizations or Archaeology and Classical Studies.

Required Skills

Prospective students should love to read and explore history. Your reading lists will include an endless number of two to three thousand year old texts. These primary sources will help you better understand the cultures and regions of the past. You must be able to absorb and retain vast amounts of information and connect ideas between various subjects. Students are expected to write in-depth research papers and make class presentations.

Part of this major is studying populations and analyzing information from the lab. Observation and attention to detail will help you catch important details. Creative thinking will help you begin to piece together the mysterious past world.


A degree in Classical and Ancient Studies allows you to go into various fields. Graduates may pursue careers as anthropologists, archaeologists, or historians. Competition may be fierce in this field. For those interested in other fields, grads are also successful in law, medicine, journalism, or business. These fields may require you to receive an advanced degree.

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