Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
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Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution Overview

Students eager to prevent war and promote peace both globally and domestically may choose to major in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution. This major will explore the causes of conflict and the conditions of peace. Your classes will involve modeling and learning from peacemakers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Courses will include the study of arms control and nuclear disarmament.

This is an interdisciplinary topic that will require you to use knowledge from variety of subjects. Conflict resolution; feminism, ecology, and peace; history or nonviolence; literature of peace; philosophies of war and peace; and international relations are all common courses in this major. This major is relatively new and not available at all colleges.

Required Skills

This major is well-suited to the student who is passionate about resolving conflict worldwide. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution is for an optimistic person who knows that the world can be a better place. You will attend lectures and classes where you will need to participate in discussion and ask questions.

Students should be open-minded and ready to work with people from all backgrounds. Speaking skills will help you present oral reports and role play as U.N. delegates to help build different and useful peacemaking skills. Reading scholarly work will be normal and you should be ready to apply all types of peace making theories to real life situations. Most colleges will require that you expose yourself to real situations through an internship.


A degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution will open the door to many different occupations. Many graduates participate in the Peace Corps. Grads also go on to work for the government as ambassadors, mediators, judges, or hearing officers. You could also work for non-profit companies or human rights organizations. Depending on what field you choose, you may need additional training.

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