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Most Focused Economics Schools in 2020

The Colleges Most Focused on Economics in the U.S.

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Increase your chances of developing strong connections and expose yourself to a variety of opportunities in a college most focused on your major. Click the schools below to learn more about their Economics programs.

Listed Below are The Schools with the Highest Percentages of Economics Students

If you’d like to learn more about how the schools below were ranked visit the Most Focused Ranking methodology page.

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The top school in the United States for Economics is Claremont McKenna College. Enjoy a strong focus on Economics inside the major at Claremont McKenna. The location of Claremont, California, is nice for college students who like a quiet, suburban region.

With 93.0% of the educators being full time, students will get a good amount of face time with teachers. This college has great value for students in California. Go on a virtual tour to learn more about Claremont McKenna.

Any student pursuing a degree in Economics has to look into University of Chicago. We have determined that the Economics program at UChicago is very focused. Located in Chicago, Illinois, this university is optimum for young people who flourish in an urban setting.

UChicago has been rated among the best for education quality for veterans and active-duty military. Considering 24.1% of UChicago's student body comes from outside the United States, you'll have many chances to befriend undergraduates from all over the globe. Learn more about what campus life at UChicago is like by enjoying some campus videos.

Centre College is among your top options if you're planning on studying Economics. 17.5% of undergraduate students at Centre College are Economics majors. Students who like a more relaxed life will enjoy the school's position in the tiny town of Danville, Kentucky.

The more time it takes to complete their education the more loans students have to take on. Get more than 28 on the ACT? That is over the typical applicant score, so you have a good possibility of getting in. Get an idea of what being on campus at Centre College of Kentucky is like by enjoying some campus videos.

Lafayette College is a wonderful choice for students pursuing an Economics degree. We have determined that the Economics major at Lafayette is very focused. It is based in the suburban location of Easton, Pennsylvania.

Freshmen are required to live on-campus at Lafayette College. Roughly 47.0% of applicants send ACT scores, with the standard score in the 29 range. If you are considering learning more, you will find all of Lafayette College's rankings here.

Virginia Military Institute is a good choice for students pursuing an Economics degree. This is quite a common major at VMI, with 17.3% of undergraduates signed up for it. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Virginia Military Institute's location in the small town of Lexington, Virginia.

Even if you aren't from Virginia, you aren't going to feel like the odd one out at this school. Approximately 40.4% of undergraduates are from out-of-state. Strong support for veterans and military members earns this school top marks. For more information, look at college scorecard.

It's hard to beat Hamilton College if you wish to pursue Economics as a major. At Hamilton College, Economics learners enjoy the benefit of a really focused curriculum. Based in Clinton, New York, Hamilton provides a dependable, suburban atmosphere for learners.

Hamilton is committed to helping students succeed, as evidenced by a 88.6% on-time graduation rate. With 86.7% of the teachers being full time, students are sure to get plenty of face time with professors. Interested in learning more about Hamilton College's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

Any student pursuing a degree in Economics needs to take a look at Dartmouth College. Economics is a popular choice at Dartmouth College with over 206 graduations in 2018. Students who like a more relaxed life will appreciate the school's position in the smallish town of Hanover, New Hampshire.

Graduates from Dartmouth College are generally succeeding in their jobs as they're way less prone to go into default on their loans especially when compared to graduates of other colleges. 96.0% of freshman students come back for their sophomore year of school. Videos from Dartmouth are a good way to explore college.

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College of the Holy Cross is among your top options if you want to study Economics. At College of the Holy Cross, 16.4% of undergrads major in Economics. The surrounding area of a big city is great for scholars trying to find adequate prospects for social networking, experience, and exploration.

This school does not require freshman students to live on-campus. Due to its minimal price and its excellent education, College of the Holy Cross is a great value, earning a position of #18 in Massachusetts. The scorecard provides a great review of College of the Holy Cross.

It's hard to beat Middlebury College if you wish to study Economics. A favorite choice for undergrads, there are approximately 130 individuals studying this degree at Middlebury. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Middlebury College's location in the small town of Middlebury, Vermont.

About 94.0% of freshmen return to this school for their second year of school. If you're considering Middlebury, better hit the books. The typical SAT score of applicants is 1,388. Videos from Middlebury can be a great way to get more info on the college.

It is difficult to beat Colorado College if you want to pursue Economics as a major. At Colorado College, 16.1% of undergraduate students major in Economics. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this school is a very good choice for students who enjoy the exhilaration of a major city.

Student achievements after graduation is essential at Colorado College, with graduates typically leaving the college with debt much lower than the norm. About 89.0% of the professors at Colorado College have full-time hours, which means they should have plenty of time to focus on students in their class. Videos from Colorado College are a good way to explore college.

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